7th Annual
Idaho State 4x4 Association
Trail Ride and Rally !

The privilege of hosting the IS4x4A Trail Ride & Rally again has landed with Idaho Off Road . It is our hope to once again put on an event that won't soon be forgotten. Since the event has already utilized the deserts south of the Treasure Valley 3 times, it is proposed that we move the whole shindig north, to the beautiful forests of central Idaho.

Yellow Pine, Idaho has been chosen for its wealth of remote roads and trails, its ample yet relatively bargain-rate lodging opportunities, and last but certainly not least, its amazing rustic charm.

The region surrounding Yellow Pine is an absolute treasure trove of historic mining districts and unbelievable scenic vistas. More specifically, Alpine Village, located on the edge of Yellow Pine, is an approximately 5 acre complex of cabins, RV spots, tent areas, an open bonfire/band area, and a central Lodge. Accommodations are complete with a full industrial kitchen facility that we feel will afford us the ability to put on an event unprecedented in its cozy feel and family friendly atmosphere.

It is our hope that holding the Trail Ride & Rally in this venue will shift emphasis further towards the social aspects of the gathering and strengthen relationships and bonds within our wheelin' community. In addition, the local townsfolk seem very friendly and accommodating, and even welcoming of our plans to gather in their little Burg.